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What is Siding?
Siding is the exterior material applied to the walls of a building to shed water, protect from the effects of weather, and help insulate the building.

Siding is essential to protecting your home and foundation by shielding them from the weather elements.  It provides insulation for your home by creating a barrier from cold temperatures.  Siding is also a large factor in the attractiveness of your home, being that it covers the majority of the building's outside surface.  Siding comes in a variety of different styles and colours.


If your siding is damaged, water is more than likely to find a way into the frame of your home.  Trapped moisture can lead to the wood rotting, mold growth and other interior damage.  If left untreated, this could cause larger problems with the interior walls.  Alex's Eaves & Siding can provide siding replacements and fixes that will save you money on repairs in the long run.


Signs that your siding may need replacing include warping of the old siding, green or black spots on your siding, or even peeling paint on an interior wall in your home.  If you think your siding may need replacing, contact Alex's Eaves & Siding today for a free quote.

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