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Proudly Serving Haldimand, Norfolk & Surrounding Areas

After 10 years working in the construction industry, Alex Burley developed a passion for aluminum work.  With a commitment to providing high quality service, Alex started his own business, Alex’s Eaves & Siding.  Since 2013, Alex and his growing team of employees have been working hard to provide consistent, high quality work to the residents of Haldimand, Norfolk and surrounding areas.


Their promise to their customers is to finish every job with the quality that they would expect on their own homes.  Alex's Eaves & Siding understands the pride homeowners have in their properties, therefore they ensure that they leave every site as clean as it was when they arrived, if not better.  Every effort is made to accurately estimate the cost of your project and give you the best price possible, while still providing you with top quality products and service.  They provide realistic timelines to help you plan, as well as confirm the official start date one week prior to the scheduled date.  Once Alex's Eaves & Siding starts a job, they work hard to complete it as soon as possible on consecutive fair-weather days.  All employees of Alex's Eaves & Siding are fully insured.  For high quality service that you can be proud of, contact Alex's Eaves & Siding today.



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