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What is Soffit & Fascia?
Soffit is the underside of a structure, such as an arch, a balcony, or overhanging eaves. Fascia is a piece of material that covers the end of the rafters.

Soffit and Fascia serves both a functional and an aesthetic purpose for your home.  Functionally, they protect your rafters from the weather elements, saving you from having to replace rotting beams caused by exposure to moisture.  They also help to properly vent your home so that it has the right moisture content.  Aesthetically, they have the ability to change the character and style of your home.  Alex's Eaves & Siding provides quality, custom work to make sure that your home's roofing structure is properly protected, while paying close attention to detail to ensure that their work is also aesthetically pleasing.  They have a variety of different colours to perfectly match your home. Contact Alex's Eaves & Siding today for a free quote.


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